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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is. We're not brokering transactions. After paying the buyer's commission, you will receive the seller's details together with the bank details to which you should transfer the money for winning the auction.

No. All bids submitted at any Merkandi Auctions auction are final and binding. You can always increase, but never reduce, the maximum quota of the offer. Based on the guidelines of the European Parliament and the Council on consumer rights 2011/83/EU, in force since 13 June 2014 the right of withdrawal does not apply to public auctions. The auctions organized by Merkandi Auctions are public auctions.

If you are a company registered outside the EU, first, you must pay VAT. After exporting the auction item, please complete all necessary documents and submit them (if possible send an email) to the appropriate office. Please also include the original seller's invoice.

Merkandi Auctions will provide you with the contact details of the seller after making full payment. This information can also be found, after full payment, on our website in the customer dashboard.

Merkandi Auctions cannot provide additional information about the bidded item other than the details on the auction site. Buyers can obtain dimensions and/or additional specifications by contacting the manufacturer of the original item or by visiting the manufacturer's website, contacting local sellers, or searching for information online. On request we can contact the seller for additional information, but please note that they are not required to provide any additional information about the goods other than those presented in the auction.

To unblock your account, please contact our customer service team by phone or email

To deactivate or delete your account, please contact our customer service team.

The time frame and amount of work required to prepare the auction will vary depending on the quantity, type, condition and location. Relatively simple auctions are prepared within 2-3 weeks of receiving the signed contract. More complex auctions usually take more time. Of course, we will always do our best to meet your specific requirements. In the case of forced sales, we can significantly reduce this time, but it may affect the final price obtained at the auction.

You should pay the proforma invoice by bank transfer. Please always provide the proforma invoice number, buyer’s number and auction’s number in the "transfer title" field. The Merkandi Auctions bank account number can be found on the proforma invoice received by e-mail or available for download in the Merkandi Auctions customer’s dashboard after the auction is closed. Please remember that your payment is required within 3 business days of the auction closing. Payment in cash is not possible. Attention! The following information applies to payment of the Merkandi invoice. Payment for the goods auctioned out should be made to the bank account indicated by the seller.

No, there is no guarantee for any item sold at auction.

The General Terms and Conditions of Online Auction Merkandi always apply. Each time you make an offer, these General Terms and Conditions have to be accepted. In some cases, Auction Detailed Conditions also apply. This is always mentioned in the auction under "Auction details". These Auction Detailed Conditions supplement the General Terms and Conditions.

You will be able to access your invoice immediately after winning the auction on Merkandi Auctions customer dashboard.

Merkandi Auctions has personally inspected the goods. We checked the purchase documents, verified the origin of the auctioned item, made photo and video documentation.

The item has not been inspected in the place of its storage

After logging in to, you must first check whether any offer has been made. Only if no offer has been made, you can send an email to with the buyer number, auction number and lot number as well as the quota you want to bid on. We will contact the seller of the lot if he/she is interested in accepting the offer. Note: the offer cannot be lower than the opening offer.

Deposit is a required payment to be able to bid in auctions. We treat it as an element of confirmation of the credibility of the person participating in the auctions. The limit of the amount to which you can bid is directly related to the deposit paid. So:

Deposit 5 EUR - bidding up to 500 EUR
Deposit 10 EUR - bidding up to 10,000 EUR
Deposit 20 EUR - bidding up to 20,000 EUR
Deposit EUR 100 - bidding without limit

Important aspects of the deposit:

  • The deposit amount is refundable. When you cancel your Merkandi Auctions account, it will be refunded to your account.
  • The deposit applies to all auctions, you don't have to pay it in every auction.
  • The amount of the deposit cannot be used to pay for the winning auction.
  • The limit of the amount to which you can bid applies to each auction separately. So if, for example, you have a deposit with a limit of up to EUR 10,000, then you can bid up to this amount in every auction.

The buyer is responsible for transporting the auctioned item.

Yes, you can, there are no restrictions in this regard. However, you must remember that there are restrictions on the value of items you can bid on and they depend on the value of the deposit paid, see Buyer fees

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transport auctioned items from different locations to one pickup location. The pickup can take place at the location and time specified each time for the given item.

No sales, no payment! And even if there is a sale, you don't pay the auction fee. It is charged to the buyer, which guarantees that we will make every effort to find a buyer for your assets.

Unfortunately, due to security measures this is not possible. You cannot have multiple accounts with the same tax number or phone number.

When your bid is the highest, there will be a notification that you are in the lead.

This also happens if the initial offer (first offer) is submitted. The bid button will be deactivated in the bidding console if your initial bid is in the lead. Conversely, if you are not a leading bidder, there will be a notification saying that your offer has been outbid. When you win the bid, you'll see a screen confirming the winning of the auction with the final amount to be paid.

The automatic bidding system is activated by default. In the Automatic bidding field, please enter the maximum amount you want to spend on the item, and the system will bid accordingly on your behalf. Example: the current maximum bid in the ongoing auction is EUR 15,000, the next minimum bid will therefore be EUR 15,500. If you want to offer a maximum amount of EUR 20,000, please type this amount in the bidding field and the system will bid automatically until you reach the maximum amount. After each bid and/or use of the maximum amount, a message will be sent regarding the current highest bid at the auction.

If the offer is submitted within 5 minutes of the lot closing time, the closing time will be extended by 5 minutes. This process will be repeated with each offer within the last 5 minutes of the new closing time. It doesn't matter when the offer is made within these 5 minutes.

MBid is our bidding system for submitting bids before the auction begins. The most important advantages of using MBid:


You don't have to be at the computer on the day of the auction. By submitting MBid, you specify the maximum amount you want to pay for the item. You will be immediately informed if your offer is the highest offer submitted so far and this is confidential information. If you are outbid by another bidder, an automatic email will be sent to you immediately.

So if you have little competition, you can win the item for less than the maximum quota. In case there are competing MBid offers made for the same quota, the earliest offer prevails, so pre-submitting an offer gives you an advantage.

You can submit MBid online at any time of the day or night. Our system acts as an assistant, constantly monitoring your MBid offers and keeping you at the forefront until the price exceeds the set maximum quota for the offer.

As the auction day approaches, you can check the status of your priority offers on my account's shopping list. Make sure your email address and notification settings are correct in your account profile so that you can receive email offers with piercing notifications. Before you even are outbid, you can increase the maximum quota for any of your MBids, placing a new MBid on the same item for a new maximum amount (do not worry, you can not outbid yourself). Like all offers, MBid is binding and cannot be withdrawn or reduced.

The Merkandi Auctions system tells you what should be the lowest possible value for a given auction.

No. All bids submitted at any Merkandi Auctions auction are final and binding. You can always increase, but never reduce, the maximum quota of the offer.

Yes. Simply make a new offer and enter a new maximum quota. You can increase the maximum bid quota at any time during the auction.

Thanks to double confirmation of the bid submitted in the auction, there is no possibility of accidental bidding. The following message always appears in the second step of bid submission: Attention, you are submitting an irrevocable bid in the auction.

Merkandi does not organise transport.

Seller is not obliged to dismantle any part of the equipment for transport. However, some sellers may offer their dismantling services for an additional fee. The buyer must contact the seller directly. The seller's contact information will be provided when Merkandi Auctions receives full payment for the item(s) purchased. Any additional fees will have to be negotiated and paid to the seller. Merkandi Auctions does not participate in the organisation of dismantling of the equipment, unless otherwise stated on our website.

An international CMR waybill is required when transporting cargo across national borders.

Merkandi Auctions does not provide courier services.

Buyer number: this is the unique number you receive after registration. Please always use this number when contacting customer service at Merkandi Auctions auctions. You will find this number in the user's dashboard, in the "My Profile" section after logging in.

Auction number: each auction has a unique number. If you have specific questions about an auction, always use this number as your reference number. 

Lot number: Each lot in the auction has a unique number. If you have specific questions about the lot, always use this number and auction number as reference. You will find this number before the lot title.

The destination country of delivery is important when calculating VAT on a sales invoice, so any changes must be made before generating the sales invoice.

  1. Neither contact details nor the company name may be presented in the content of the offers, as well as in photos and attachments. It is also forbidden to place personal data and other data that make it possible to find the company on the web. We also do not accept watermarks on photos that contain any information about the company.
  2. We do not accept offers for the sale of copies and replicas of products, especially those protected by trademarks. We reserve the right to remove such offers without notice. Furthermore, we reserve the right to request proof of the authenticity of the goods. 
  3. It is possible to publish an offer in any of the available language versions of Merkandi Auctions. In such a case, the content of the offer must be translated into each of the languages ​​in which the offer is to be presented.
  4. It is forbidden to place duplicate offers. A duplicate is also understood as an offer added anew with the same content as the previous one. Such offers will be blocked. Changes to the offers should be made by editing them.
  5. It is forbidden to add purchase offers service offers. Such offers will be deleted without prior notice.
  6. It is forbidden to publish offers related to cigarettes and e-cigarettes. In the event of their publication, they will be deleted immediately without prior notice.
  7. Merkandi Auctions reserves the right to exclude or reduce the position of offers that contain gross linguistic errors or are poor in information.
  8. A claim to publish an offer on the Merkandi Auctions platform is excluded.
  9. Merkandi Auctions reserves the right to remove the user's offers and block access to the Seller's Account at any time, without giving any reason.


If the purchased product is intended for export, after winning the auction, please complete our order realisation process and indicate the export port and foreign delivery address. You will need to deposit the VAT amount on the invoice. Merkandi Auctions will refund the deposit upon receipt of relevant documentation within the time limit specified in the regulations.

We do not organise transport. However, as part of our service for the buyer, Merkandi Auctions can provide a list of shippers.

If the minimum price is not reached at the auction, the seller may or may not accept a lower bid. If the minimum price is reached, the seller is obliged to sell. The exception is tender auctions where the seller can accept any offer or reject all without any consequences.

The minimum sales value does not apply to standard auctions. Whereas for PREMIUM auctions, the minimum value of sales is EUR 20,000.


At Merkandi Auctions you can sell various types of movable and immovable property, including machinery and cars, overproduction goods, and returns from customers.

Merkandi Auctions always presents 3 options for the valuation/sale of the seller's assets (asset valuation is only available in the PREMIUM option

  • FORCED SALE (fast way to get cash). The least favorable for the seller but giving the opportunity to quickly exchange assets for cash. Usually, 7 business days pass between the seller and Merkandi Auctions first contact. In exceptional cases, we can shorten this time to 24h.

  • TIMELINE SALE (reasonable way to maximize the amount obtained from the auction). The seller has time and resources but they must liquidate those resources within a specified period for any reason. Merkandi Auctions has time to prepare professional auction descriptions and plan international sales promotion. Usually, it takes 21 to 60 business days from the first contact between the seller and Merkandi Auctions to complete the sale.

  • EXTENDED SALE (resources intended for sale in the future, e.g. within 6 months). This sales method is dedicated to large/unusual auctions requiring the involvement of many teams. There are often sales before the actual auction is launched.

To start selling at Merkandi Auction you need to register an account

If the minimum price has not been reached during the auction, we will contact you to discuss further strategy for selling your assets.

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