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Auction fees and buyer taxes


Registration on Merkandi Auctions and participation in auctions are free.


Prices of all items available on the Merkandi Auctions website do not include VAT. VAT will be added to the final sale price and auction fee for individual items after the auction closes with the winning bid. Buyers are responsible for paying any applicable stamp duty.


The deposit is paid once to the Merkandi account (by card, transfer) and remains there until the buyer's account is closed. The deposit is returnable but cannot be counted against the winning auction, and is treated as part of the credibility confirmation of the person participating in the auctions on Merkandi. 

Limits on the amounts to which buyers can bid when making the appropriate deposit amount are as follow:

5 EUR -  bidding up to 500 EUR

10 EUR - bidding up to 10.000 EUR

20 EUR - bidding up to 20.000 EUR

100 EUR -  no limits

Auction fee

For each item won at auction on the Merkandi Auctions website, the Buyer is obliged to pay the auction fee. The amount of this fee depends on the auction closing price, which is given on the auctioned item's page.

Penalties and charges for delay

If the winning bidder does not complete the transaction (does not pay for the items won within three (3) business days of the Purchase Contract) for any reason, he/she must pay a penalty of 15% of the sale price of the goods plus the buyer's auction fee.

If the buyer has paid for the item(s) but has not collected the purchased items at the time and on the date specified by Merkandi, Merkandi and/or the seller will be authorized to store purchased items at the buyer's risk, for example for up to one month or less. If after the indicated period the buyer still fails to comply with his/her obligations under the Purchase Contract, the buyer covers the administrative costs, storage costs and insurance in the amount of 5% of the value of the purchased item(s) but not less than € 350


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