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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

  1.  Can items auctioned in different locations be picked up in one place, in one transport?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to transport auctioned items from different locations to one pickup location. The pickup can take place at the location and time specified each time for the given item.

  2. Can I participate in multiple auctions at the same time?

    Yes, you can, there are no restrictions in this regard. However, you must remember that there are restrictions on the value of items you can bid on and they depend on the value of the deposit paid, see Buyer fees

  3. What if the auction is closed but I'm still very interested?

    After logging in to, you must first check whether any offer has been made. Only if no offer has been made, you can send an email to with the buyer number, auction number and lot number as well as the quota you want to bid on. We will contact the seller of the lot if he/she is interested in accepting the offer. Note: the offer cannot be lower than the opening offer.

  4. What does "unchecked item" mean?

    The item has not been inspected in the place of its storage

  5. What does "item checked by Merkandi Auctions" mean?

    Merkandi Auctions has personally inspected the goods. We checked the purchase documents, verified the origin of the auctioned item, made photo and video documentation.

  6. When can I view and print my invoice?

    You will be able to access your invoice immediately after winning the auction on Merkandi Auctions customer dashboard.

  7. Who is responsible for delivery of the auctioned item?

    The buyer is responsible for transporting the auctioned item.

  8. What is a deposit and how does it work?

    Deposit is a required payment to be able to bid in auctions. We treat it as an element of confirmation of the credibility of the person participating in the auctions. The limit of the amount to which you can bid is directly related to the deposit paid. So:

    Deposit 5 EUR - bidding up to 500 EUR
    Deposit 10 EUR - bidding up to 10,000 EUR
    Deposit 20 EUR - bidding up to 20,000 EUR
    Deposit EUR 100 - bidding without limit

    Important aspects of the deposit:

    • The deposit amount is refundable. When you cancel your Merkandi Auctions account, it will be refunded to your account.
    • The deposit applies to all auctions, you don't have to pay it in every auction.
    • The amount of the deposit cannot be used to pay for the winning auction.
    • The limit of the amount to which you can bid applies to each auction separately. So if, for example, you have a deposit with a limit of up to EUR 10,000, then you can bid up to this amount in every auction.

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More information about the auction can be found in the following section Auction rules.

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